FyBox Project

What is a FyBox

An EcoSystem that will make your life easier

FyBox is an EcoSystem developed around the thinnest light box on the market and a unique online management platform. Designed to suit the needs of large premium retailers with stores in several cities, countries and continents, it allows our clients to simplify not only the installation of their light boxes but also the deployment of new content and visuals for seasonal update.

The FyBox itself is the combination of several key strengths. Its thickness, 33 mm, makes it the perfect solution for areas where wall depths are limited. Its innovative lighting technology guarantees not only a uniform lighting of your visuals but also a significant reduction in the quantity of LED used and then of energy. Last but not least, our EZ fabric system makes the deployment and installation of any visual simple and error free.

The FyBox Online Space is what will make you love working with us. Thanks to this integrated online platform, our clients can at any time see all their FyBox installed in their network as well as their respective content. In just few clicks, our clients are able to request the replacement of one or hundreds of FyBox spread in several cities or countries. The system validates that the printing file have the right specifications and are delivered to the right Store.

How to use FyBox?

Retail Platform

Large retailers have hundreds of different Light boxes spread over hundreds stores, cities and countries. The deployment of any new content on such a large network requires a lot of time and energy without being risk-free of any potential error in the dispatching and installation.

The FyBox EcoSystem is a tool that will significantly reduces the time and resource spent on any new deployment for 3 reasons:

– one person can now manage the deployment of hundreds of FyBox spread over several countries.
– one person can assign colleagues and partners for the upload of the new content.
– the FyBox Online Space directly validates that printing files meet the FyBox specifications and the delivery address match the location of the FyBox.


In a restaurant or a showroom, Creating beautiful atmosphere is key. It to only attracts customers and visitors to your space, but it also makes them feel good in the space, making them staying longer and maybe helping to bring them back.

Thanks the FyBox printing quality and the uniformity of our lighting system, you can now create beautiful atmospheres with stunning back lightened pictures. The atmosphere you create becomes a small journey for your visitors.

Thanks to FyBox EZ Fabric System, you can change the whole atmosphere of your space creating new ambiances and journeys for your visitors.

Internal communication

In many ways, internal communication is the glue that holds an organization together. Without it, you’re just a collection of disconnected individuals each working individually at her own job. With it, you’re a unit with power far beyond the sum of your parts.

FyBox provides a great new tool for internal communication. Thanks to FyBox ease of use, create atmosphere that matches with your internal communication strategy and goals. Let your staff and colleagues know where you want the company go by creating beautiful and impacting working environments.

Thanks to the FyBox Online Space, you make sure your internal communication is uniform and implemented in the same way wherever your office or branch is located. We deliver in more than 150 countries.


Technical details

Those are pictures from the real life

Frame Depth

Frame Depth

Only 33 mm Thick

FyBox is the thickness of a small book making the perfect solution where wall areas are limited.

Frame Depth

Printing quality

Printing quality

Sharper than reality

Super detailed, we print with special on special fabric with UV printing machine. Thanks to this, we are proud to provide 2 years guarantee against color change.

Printing Quality

Uniform Lighting

Uniform Lighting

Light controlled on every single dot

Our special lighting system creates a uniform and stable luminosity all over the FyBox.

Uniform Lighting

Quick and Clean

Quick and Clean

Installation in less 5 minutes

Delivered fully assembled, installation takes less then 5 minutes.

Quick and clean

get the service

Quality product only comes with quality service

Custom Dimensions

Every FyBox is produced according to the exact dimensions required. FyBox can fit any project.

International Delivery

Thanks to its ease of installation and use, FyBox can be shipped anywhere in the world. All we need is an airport, a port or a road.

Online plateform

FyBox Online Space gives you the opportunity to manage hundreds of FyBox in just a few clicks.

Committed Team

Our clients do not only buy a solution, they buy a quality service and the commitment of a team.

Technical specifications

This is all you get with FyBox

Here some basic technical specifications about FyBox. As FyBox are always custom-made propduced, more details will be provided at the order.

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