Much more than a lightbox

The thinnest lightbox on the market

Uniform lighting

The feeling of bluesky in front of your eyes

Our special lighting technology uniformly distributes the light at any point of the FyBox.

Ultra Thin

Just few millimetres more than your notebook

FyBox is only 33 mm thick. This makes FyBox the perfect solution for projects where spaces are limited.

EZ Fabric system

EZier than a zipper

Our EZ Fabric system makes visual replacement quick, cost effective and with the guarantee of a perfect result.

Eco FyBox

Maximum power with minimum energy

Our unique lighting technology uses 1/10 of the usual Lightbox energy consumption.

FyBox Online Space

Your own space to manage all your
Fybox wherever they are.

  • Secure access

    You and each of your colleagues have a private access to the FyBox Online Space.
    Specific access according to your role in the company.

  • Easy order

    Content Management has never been so easy.
    Select the FyBox that are concerned by the update, wherever they are.
    Tell us what is your installation date.

  • Simple upload

    Upload your new printing file or assign a colleague or partner to do so.
    FyBox Online space will validate that the printing specifications are correct.
    No more mistake in your dispatching.

  • Track your order

    At Any time, check what is the status of your order from Upload to delivery.
    A complete report of your latest activity is available.

  • Your own space

    Thanks to our database, we know where is each of your FyBox.
    We deliver new content to all your stores wherever they are.

Recent works

Better than a showroom

Clients we’ ve worked so far with

And recommend FyBox

The companies we work with are the best illustration of the quality of our product and the commitment of our team to provide reliable quality service. Our clients are proud to work with FyBox and happy to share their positive experience.

Are you impressed, YES ?

It’s just the beginning

FyBox is much more than a product.
You have a project, contact our team to know what are the different FyBox applications
and how they can suit your need.