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Committed People

Before being a great solution, we are a team of committed people. We do what it takes to serve our clients according to what we promised them. We put at the heart of our business the quality of the relationships we create we them, as well as a qualitative career paths for all our colleagues.

FyBox has been created by 2 business partners, John Rollier and Pierre Rousseaux, and has been able to grow thanks to a fantastic and team of committed and responsible people. The team is splitted between the Brussels office, managed by John Rollier, and the Asia Office, managed by Pierre Rousseaux

Key values

Your is from far much more


Because we know our clients are committed to results, we commit to our clients that if we tell you “YES”, FyBox will be delivered on site and on time whatever it takes to succeed.


We believe that added value and solution is the result of creativity. We are happy to work and find solutions that suit the different needs of our clients.


Building long and successful relationships with our clients is possible thanks to quality product and most important quality service.


FyBox Offices are based on 2 continents. FyBox projects are spread all over the world. Our clients can count on us to deliver what they need wherever they want.

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